A restaurant in the Las Vegas suburb of Las Vegas, the Solarisium, is known for its high-end cuisine.

But the restaurant is also home to a host of other dining options.

For example, guests can order a $100 steak with a fried egg.

Or, a $200 burger, $250 chicken salad and $50 hot dogs with ranch dressing.

And there are other options too, like $60 chicken nuggets and $70 pizza.

But a new restaurant called the Solari, which opened last week in the space formerly occupied by the Sunlounge, is different.

The restaurant has a rooftop patio with a view of the Las Venetian sky, and is also designed to appeal to the more casual crowd, said chef, and Solari co-owner and co-founder, Ryan Shumaker.

While it is designed for a more casual group, it is also aimed at more seasoned diners, said Shumakers co-founders, Kevin Shumacker and Nick Jagger.

Solari offers a more upscale dining experience with an emphasis on a more traditional American style, with the addition of modern decor and fine-art photography.

The restaurant is located on a lot in the solar area in the South of the city, about 40 miles south of downtown.

It opened with a $50 donation from the SunLounge and will continue to host the event through May 30, said Jagger, who is the founder and chief operating officer of Solari.

The Solarium is a rooftop restaurant located in the same building as the Sun Lounge.

The Sun Lounge was built in 2008.

Shumackers co-owners Nick and Kevin Shumser said the Solaririum concept is a result of the Sun Lounge closing and being sold.

The Shumasters, who own the Sun’s restaurant and entertainment company, decided to open a restaurant in a space that was once a Sun Lounge and a SunLocker.

“We are just trying to put something new in there, to try to build something more in line with our vision for the future,” Nick Jager said.

Solarium is also the latest restaurant to open in a building formerly owned by the LasVenetian hotel chain.

The former Sun Locker also opened in the former Sun Lounge, and has been a regular customer of the hotel chain ever since.