Diy solar and solarium products will be available on Friday, December 14, and will be the first solarium kit to be available for sale in Australia since December 2016.

The solarium is available in a range of sizes ranging from a 1kW module to a 10kW model, and has a range from $130 to $250 depending on the model.

The kit has a built-in solar charger that is charged at the time of delivery.

Solarium products also include a solar charger for the kit, a solar base, and a solar-powered micro-power inverter.

Solar energy has long been used in Australia to generate electricity and reduce the amount of CO2 that is emitted in the atmosphere.

However, the Australian Government has been unable to come to an agreement on a carbon price, with many claiming that the carbon price is too high.

A carbon price has not been established, but some analysts have suggested a rate of $25 per tonne of CO 2 is appropriate.

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