Solarium, a Chinese manufacturer of outdoor pillow coverings, has recently made waves in the outdoor pillow market.

The company has released its first-ever outdoor pillow cover called Solarium Oakhurst (or Solarium Xxx).

The pillow covers are made from 100% cotton and feature a soft fabric which can be stretched and stretched again.

The pillow cover comes in four sizes and three colours.

The Oakhurt comes in black, white, yellow and red.

The Solarium pillow covers feature a cushioned texture, and the cover has a wide width to fit over most people’s shoulders.

The Solarium products have become popular due to their quality and affordable price.

Solarium Okhurst cover, solarium oahurst,sunset,moonlight source Google Images The Solaria Solarium Pillow Cover is a popular indoor pillow cover that is currently available at Amazon.

It features a soft cotton fabric that is stretchy enough to be comfortable.

The cover is lined with 100% natural cotton.

Solaria also sells a pillow cover for use with solar powered lights, which the company claims can provide up to 50% more lumens than the normal indoor light bulb.

The solarium Oahurst pillow cover is also available at several stores in India.

Solarium’s Oakhursts are available in different colours.

They come in four different sizes and colours.

Solaris Oakhurs are available at the following retailers:Swansea,HindiExpress,Hindu Express,MumbaiExpress,Nandibas,VadodaraSwaraj,VedantaSwarjan,SwaradamSwarapur,SankrantiSwarath,BabriSwarupur,KannurSwaropur,ShivalikSwaro,SivagangaSwaru,DharamviharSwarwa,DalwadarSwarwaj,JogalpurSwarwaru.