Solarium, a new outdoor solarium shelter, has gone on sale at the Toronto Zoo.

The new design features solarium cushioned enclosures, built with natural materials.

The solarium is a hybrid of a cat’s and a dog’s natural habitat.

The cat-made solarium enclosures include a removable roof, and an interior that features natural lighting.

The interior is made of a mix of natural materials, including moss and lichen, and is covered with natural fur and a layer of waterproof material.

The roof is covered in layers of insulation.

The exterior of the solarium has a natural fur layer and is painted with a mixture of natural colors.

Inside, the solarum is decorated with a variety of natural plants and shrubs.

Inside the solaruum, the cat-based solarium will provide a more spacious, cozy, and secure environment than an enclosed space with other cats.

The design of the new solarium allows for different habitats to be constructed at different levels of comfort.

For example, the shelter may have a lower-couch cat-like living space while an interior with a higher-coveted outdoor habitat may have an indoor cat-friendly environment.

Solarium has been designed to be more than just a shelter for cats.

It is also designed to meet all the needs of cats that are living in a more urbanized environment.

Cats can be a huge source of stress, so this is one project that helps to address that by making them a little more like people.