Solarium is the new cool thing to do in Denver.

It’s a new phenomenon in Denver, and it’s starting to grab some buzz, with the city’s residents getting their own apartments built in solarium theme.

A new solarium apartment is the latest craze for Denver, which is seeing a growing trend of young people building their own homes.

Solarium has been popping up in Denver since April.

It’s part of a trend where people are building their homes in their basements and garages, which could be something to do with solarium’s popularity.

Solariums aren’t just for the outdoors.

Solariums are a trend that’s catching on across the country, with people building them in their garages and basements, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The first solarium was built in Colorado Springs in April.

It took less than two weeks for people to assemble the first solar-themed home in Colorado.

“I thought it was really cool, and I was excited to try it,” said Sarah Stacey, the resident of a solar-inspired home in the Boulder suburb of Aurora.

Stacey is now renting out her solarium to friends.

“I think it’s pretty cool.

I think it could make for a really fun time, and that’s just a big plus,” she said.

Stacey said the solarium is a way to bring people together, and also get rid of the trash.

Some of the solar-related homes Stacey and other friends are building include one in Aurora, another in Denver and a third in Colorado’s largest city.

In Aurora, Stacey’s solarium includes a solar panel, a solar cooker and a solar power generator.

And that’s all she needed to start building her solar-powered home.

Stace said her solar home is just the first of a new solar movement in Colorado, and she plans to build more.

“There are so many people doing solar in the city, it’s kind of like a new trend,” she explained.