Ottawa is looking for a way to make solarium more affordable and accessible.

The city is exploring a proposal to create a rebate program for people who purchase a solarium appliance, which they could then use to pay their hydro bills.

Solarium is a type of solar energy product that uses a large amount of sunlight to produce electricity.

The company sells solarium to municipalities and businesses in Ontario and Quebec, as well as many other parts of Canada.

Sunrise Solarium, the company that makes the solariums, has also started marketing them in the United States and New Zealand.

The rebate program would let solarium customers pay their bills with a credit card.

A spokesperson for the Ontario Energy Board said the province is exploring the idea, but the province will not make any decisions until a study has been completed.

“It’s very early days,” she said.

“But we’re looking at a lot of things, including the rebate program.”

A spokesperson with the Ontario Public Utilities Commission (OPUC), which regulates the electricity industry, said it would be premature to comment on a study until it is completed.

In a statement, Sunrise said the company plans to expand its rebate program in Ontario to cover residential solarium and other products.

The expansion is part of its plans to “enhance the affordability of solarium products and services,” Sunrise wrote in the statement.

Sunshine, the solar company, has not yet released pricing details, but it plans to offer solarium through an online rebate program that would let people pay their Hydro bills with the credit card they use to purchase them.

The solarium industry has faced criticism in the past because of rising prices.

In March, the Ontario Utilities Commission warned that the cost of solaris expected to jump $100 per month by 2020, from about $50 per month in 2019 to $60 per month.

The agency said the increase is expected to result in a 30 per cent increase in the number of customers who will be paying hydro bills each month.

Sunrose has been selling solarium since 2002.