A power surge at a solarium in Wales has caused the building to close.

The conservation centre is being kept closed as emergency services investigate the cause of the problem.

It is not clear how long the building will remain closed.

Welsh Environment Minister Simon Hughes said the emergency services were “doing a very thorough job”.

The conservatory is a former nuclear power station that had been shut down by a nuclear waste crisis in the 1960s.

The building is owned by the Welsh Government.

Welsh Energy Secretary Mark Porter said the building had been under repair since the early 1990s and had been the subject of numerous refurbishments.

He said the site had suffered an increase in the level of demand since the power surge.

“We are really very concerned about this issue.

The conservancy is in the middle of a major refurbishment and it will be very, very challenging for us to get it back on track,” Mr Porter said.

The power surge, which has now been brought under control, could have affected the surrounding landscape and caused serious damage to nearby properties.

The Welsh Government said it was investigating how the situation had arisen and that a further inspection would be conducted in the coming days.

It said the conservatory was currently operating on an “emergency” basis.

It was unclear whether any of the neighbouring properties had suffered damage.

The BBC Wales news website reported that there had been a surge in the number of people arriving at the conservancy from nearby towns and villages.

It reported that many people had been sleeping on the ground as the power had been switched off.