A new wearable for women with the ability to change the shape of their body has been launched.

Solarium swimsuits are made by the Russian company, Solarium, and can be worn as a swimsuit or top, and offer a range of options.

They are designed to give a more relaxed and comfortable feel, and feature a removable band to adjust the position of the swimsuit.

The solarium comes in two versions: the bikini and the yoga.

The bikini is designed for a “natural” look, with no seams or zippers.

You can also choose to wear the solarium as a top, which has a “dynamic waistband”.

It features a removable zippered front panel, which allows you to change its shape from a bikini to a yoga or yoga top.

It comes in three colours, black, red and pink, and will cost you £150.

However, the yoga version is more affordable.

The yoga version features a “sexy” shape, with a flexible waistband and a removable back panel.

It will cost £130.

A solarium swimming suit is available from the company’s website.

There are a number of benefits to wearing a solarium.

It allows you “to feel comfortable” in a swim suit and allows you the flexibility to shape your body according to the way you are wearing it.

It also allows you an opportunity to have fun with your own style.

But there are also some drawbacks to the solaria.

“The best thing about it is that it can be really comfortable,” says Gail.

“It can feel comfortable but it doesn’t have the weight and bulk of a swim or yoga suit.

I like it because I can wear it as a yoga top, but you’ll still feel like you’re in a yoga outfit.”