Solariums have been used as patio cushings, solariums for the solarium furniture, and solarium lights for many years now.

These solarium lamps, which can be purchased online for Rs.5 to Rs.10 each, are usually used to light up the indoor space.

Now, they are being sold for Rs 2.50 to Rs 3 a kilo in the city.

In a bid to sell more solarium accessories, a new online marketplace has emerged to cater to the growing number of customers who want to buy solarium products.

The company, called Solarium Bazaar, has launched the platform on which customers can purchase solarium lighting fixtures and solarariums for Rs 20 to Rs 30 a kilogram.

The platform offers the product at competitive prices.

“We believe that there are enough solarium enthusiasts out there who are looking for a new product to fill their space and also for a cheaper option to keep their lamps going,” said a senior manager at Solarium.

“Theres a demand for solarium to light their homes, and theres also a demand from the customers who dont have the space for solar lamps to put their lamps inside their homes,” said the manager.

Solarium lamps are not available in Indian markets, so many of the solar lamp accessories online have been made in the United States.

“Its our endeavour to bring the products in Indian market to ensure a good product experience,” said Mr. Suresh.

The Solarium website lists a list of solarium manufacturers in India.

“At present, we are sourcing the materials from a number of suppliers around the world and have partnered with some manufacturers in Europe, the US, and China to supply the materials,” said Sureshi.

The company has also started sourcing some solarium-based accessories from a local company in Delhi.

“Our focus is to deliver a high quality product at a low price,” said Pankaj Kumar, a Solarium marketing manager.

“For the last few years, we have been looking at bringing products from a different segment of the market,” added Mr. Kumar.

“If we can help with that, we will be able to sell the product in a higher price bracket,” said Solarium CEO Shailesh Raj.