Solarium is set to unveil its own blockchain project this week, and it has revealed a new deal with the country’s central bank to help it make the deal.

The company announced the partnership on Tuesday, with a view to eventually building out its own cryptocurrency based on the blockchain, which is the underlying technology behind the bitcoin blockchain.

The project will allow the company to sell solar power to the local authorities through the blockchain.

This means that Solarium will be able to sell power generated from renewable resources, like solar energy, without having to rely on the current infrastructure of power plants.

Solarium CEO and co-founder Andrej Babis told News24 that the partnership will help it build out its solar energy business, and will allow it to create a platform to sell its energy to other utilities.

Solaris new solar energy project in Denmark will be a blockchain-based solar project that will be based on a solar project.

The partnership will give Solarium the chance to become the first solar energy company in the world to use the blockchain for its energy supply.

Solarium hopes that this will help to boost its revenue, which currently comes in the form of the electricity generated from solar projects, which the company says is below 10% of its total revenue.

According to Solarium, the blockchain is “an open-source technology that enables anyone to participate in the transaction of value without requiring any government or central bank.”

According to the company, the project is a joint effort between Solarium and Denmark’s Central Bank.

Solarus project will include a platform where it can sell its electricity to other renewable energy projects, including a solar energy system in Copenhagen.

According a press release, the solar energy platform will be “the first of its kind” in Denmark.

The platform will also allow Solarium to sell energy generated from its solar power plants to other local governments and businesses.

According Solaris CEO, Babis, this partnership will enable the company “to start a new phase of our solar energy industry”.