In November, solarium opened its first store in Canada.

It’s now part of the Galleries Victoria Hotel, a space that was designed by architects and designers who came up with the idea for a modern space with the same spirit of modernity that has become so much of Victoria’s urban fabric.

The Solarium space is a space where all of your favorite designers come to explore the world.

The design and architecture of the building, in its entirety, was inspired by the way the world is and what’s important in it.

Victoria is a city that celebrates all things creative and eclectic.

This space was designed to celebrate that as well.

“The design was all about exploring the idea of an environment that is very eclectic, but also very traditional,” said Galleries vice-president of marketing and events Paul Roussell.

“We wanted to be able to give our guests something they could look forward to for years to come.”

The solarium space opened in October of this year, and the designers who designed it have already begun working with other retailers to expand their presence in the city.

A large, open-plan, glass space that’s a mix of space and furniture.

There’s a little bit of everything.

There’s a lot of windows.

There are some nice, clean-looking views of the river and the Victoria Harbour.

In the first few months of opening, the space was very busy.

There were so many people walking around and people were actually trying to find things to do.

The space was also very, very crowded, and we had to limit the space to two people per space, and then it’s very limited to two rooms per person.

This space is like a museum.

It has a great mix of different types of furniture, from different kinds of walls, and it’s sort of like a big museum where people can learn and learn and explore and learn.

We have a lot to learn from the designers here, so it’s an interesting space, but the design of the space has been designed to be accessible for everyone.

“You’re going to feel like you’re going out with this new friend,” said Roussel.

“It’s kind of like the next chapter in your life.

You’re going there with a whole new world of new experiences.”

“I think it’s important to remember that in terms of the design, it’s a great piece of architecture.

It was a great project,” said Victoria designer Dan Zuckerman, who also designed the Solaria space.

Zuckerman is an Australian-born designer who’s known for his design of many of Victoria ‘s iconic landmarks.

The new solarium has a lot going for it.

The interior of the solarium is designed to feel more like a living room than a retail space.

There is an open-space style of decor that allows for a lot more creativity. 

There’s an open, open floor plan that allows the space’s open spaces to open up, allowing people to wander around the space and experience the different rooms.

When I’m in the solario, I think of myself as a guest of this room, and I can feel it, and you can feel me, as a visitor.

I’m very comfortable and feel like I’m here in the sun.

And I can’t wait to explore all the other rooms in this space.

I can see how this room is really different from any other room.

And I really think that it’s going to be a really special space.

The designers say it’s really important to celebrate all kinds of different kinds, and they’ve even created a special menu for people to get together with their friends and family and do things together.

You can see all of these different elements in the design.

I don’t think there’s one type of space or one design that’s going be more popular in the next year or two, but I think there is a lot that’s really unique and really exciting about this space.

“If you’ve never been to the Galliers, this is the place to do it.

There aren’t many stores to be found in Victoria that offer this type of retail space, so this is going to take some time to really get used to.

The solarium room is part of a larger collection of new retail spaces at the Victoria Hotel.

It will be one of the first stores to open in Canada when the Gallaires is fully open in 2021.