New Delhi, Feb. 23 (ANI): A house in the city’s Chandigarh district, built by an 11-year-old boy, is set to be the centrepiece of the city in a new home.

The family bought the house in 2011 for Rs 10 lakh and has not been able to keep the place in the ground since.

It will be part of the National Homeownership Scheme.

The house is being built on a vacant lot in Chandigarcaran area of Chandigarpur.

The house is currently owned by a friend and is in need of rehabilitation, said Chandigarshera Nagendra, district officer.

The area is poor and is often flooded due to heavy rains.

The property was built on the land of a friend.

“We are looking for a new owner for the house,” Nagendra said.

“The family is staying in the house while the rest of the family is going to go for a walk,” he added.

The family bought this house in 2010 and is looking for new owners to renovate it.

“Now, the family has a new family to take care of and we will move on,” Nagendi said.

The Chandigaran district has been experiencing severe droughts in recent months.

Water has been overflowing into the drains and houses have flooded.

“Even in these floods, there are few houses that still remain,” Nagendre said.

A resident in the area has said, “The house was built in 2011 and we have never been able in this part of town to maintain it.”

The Chandagarsheras, who are part of a social group that owns and manages houses, have not been successful in saving the house.

They have managed to renovat it in several ways, including using wood, bamboo, mud and bricks.