Malibu, California-based solarium is poised to release a cryptocurrency on Dec. 2, 2019, its parent company said in a statement.

Malibu, a company founded in 2016, will launch the new solarium on the Stellar platform, the company said.

The company also said it will also launch a new cryptocurrency, the Solarium Stellar, on Dec 1, 2020.

Solarium Stellar will be distributed via a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm, the same algorithm Solarium used to launch its other cryptocurrencies.

The Solarium crypto will be backed by Solarium’s own crypto-currency, which will be called Solarium Gold, and the company will also create a new coin, Solarium Coin.

The Stellar crypto will allow the purchase and sale of solarium with fiat currencies, the statement said.

Maliberri’s release of the Solarum coin was announced on Monday.

It will be the first time the company has released a new solarum coin.

Maliburu announced its Solarium ICO in December and launched the new coin on January 1, 2021.

It aims to increase its ICO success by adding additional features.

Maliburri’s Solarium project is part of the company’s larger efforts to expand into new cryptocurrency-related industries.

Maliba is developing a platform for the production of solarisis and will be partnering with a number of solar energy projects, including Solarium.

Malibaba has been in the solar industry for almost a decade.

It has a portfolio of solar power plants, solar panels, and other solar projects.

Malabi Solar, which operates out of India, was established in 2009 by founder and chief executive officer, Rishi Sood.

The company has also acquired stakes in other solar energy companies, such as SolarPower and SolarSun.

Solar energy has been growing in popularity across the globe, and solar energy is now one of the fastest growing energy sources, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA).

Solar energy companies are now increasingly adopting blockchain technology to make their investments more transparent and transparently managed.

Blockchain technology can also be used for securities transactions, as well as for managing other financial assets.

MaliboSolar is the only company that offers solar energy for solar energy production.

Maliburu said the company is in the process of acquiring other solar power companies in order to expand its portfolio of projects.

Solar Energy Alliance, a global trade organization that represents more than 1,000 solar energy producers, solar energy operators and retailers, said solar energy was already available for sale on the blockchain.

The solar energy industry is in transition, said Solar Energy Association President and CEO Michael DeCarlo.

This is a good time to build solar energy solutions in the blockchain space, he added.