Solarium Solarium Hotel Hotel, solarity hotel, Hotel Solarium solarium Hotel Solaris solarium Solaria Hotel Solarium Resort solarium resort solarium Resort Solarium is a hotel that was opened in the late 1970s in the town of Baku, Azerbaijan.

The hotel is one of the largest in Azerbaijan, with its own theme park, a ski resort, and a spa, according to the Azerbaijani website.

Solarium opened the hotel in early 2015, and it is now the most visited hotel in the country, according the Azerbaijan Tourism Ministry.

The resort has its own restaurant, spa, swimming pool, and the hotel has a spa.

The owner of the hotel, Baku Tourism Minister Olexa Vashikashova, said the resort is designed to attract young people to the region, and is aimed at attracting tourists.

She said the hotel is an opportunity for people to enjoy life, to go shopping and to have fun, adding that it is not a resort but an adventure hotel.