A new app from solarium has a new way to access music: It’s a solarium app.

Solarium is the world’s first “smart music service” — a hybrid of Spotify and Pandora, that connects to a smart phone and offers a personalized, personalized music experience.

The app was launched last week, and users can access their music from their phones and tablets using the following steps: Download the Solarium app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Select the music you want to listen to in the Solaria app.

Open the app on your device and find the music icon.

Select an artist, album, or track.

Tap the play button.

If the song is in progress, you’ll see the next song in your queue.

The Solarium team has released a video to explain the process.

If you want more information on the app and how it works, check out the Solarrium blog post.

Solarium isn’t the only new music service that has hit the Apple Store in the last few months.

Spotify is also now available on the Apple and Google Play store, as well as on Android and Windows Phone.

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