Sunlium, a product made by Sunlite Energy, was the most popular residential solarium for 2017, according to data from Solarium.

The company had more than 8 million units shipped and about 1.2 million customers.

Sunlium solariums were cheaper than traditional panels and more efficient than other solarium offerings, according the company.

The company made solarium solar power systems from its new Sunlite Power System line, which includes an array of 12 modules, with an estimated price tag of $2,200 for a 120-watt system.

Sunlius solarium was $1,200.

The solarium Solarium Home uses Sunlii solarium to power a 5,200-square-foot home in New York City.

The Solarium solariam Home uses the same solarium system as the Solarium Solariam Home.

Solarium solaria systems are made from sunlite, which is lightweight, flexible and water-resistant.

Sunlite is also used in solarium products like Solarium Light, Solarium Power and Solarium Water.

Sunlite energy has a long history of being used in energy systems.

Solarium’s founder, David Krieg, founded the company in 1983 to develop solar energy in the US.

Solaris is based in Florida and operates three plants in North Carolina and Virginia.

Solar is available in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Solar’s solarium-based products are used in a wide variety of industries including oil and gas exploration, solar power, home appliances and the construction industry.