Solarium is launching a new swim pool in India that aims to be a more eco-friendly alternative to water sports.

The company says the solarium swimming pool will be used to cool off and hydration while running in the sun.

It will also help people cool off while exercising in the hot, humid Indian summer.

The swimming pool comes with a shower and sink, which will also be used for the washing up.

Solarium’s founder Amit Thapar says solarium is a global leader in indoor hydration, and is working on a solarium power plant in India.

“We are working on this project because we believe that indoor hydrating and cooling is a crucial component for the sustainable development of the planet and for human health and wellbeing,” Thaprars told Business Insider.

Solaria says it will be the world’s first solarium powered indoor pool.

Solarity is a leading solar energy technology that can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, with solarium being a particularly popular option for indoor use.

It uses solar energy to create steam that is then used to turn the water into steam for heating.

It is also a water filtration product, as well as a thermal treatment.

Solarium’s solarium energy storage system uses solarium as the heat source.

It has a large solarium water boiler that converts steam into heat.

Solaric is the brand name for the solar energy, and it was developed by Thapras father Amit Thaps son Sunil.

Thapar has been a leading player in the solar industry for over 15 years.

He started his company in 2011, and in 2016, he took it public for the first time.

It was then acquired by Swiss-based Solarium Energy, and now has over a dozen solar energy businesses operating in different parts of the world.

It is also worth noting that Solarium sells a range of solar energy products in India, with its most popular product being Solarium Sunscreen, which comes in various sizes and colours.

Solaris Sunscreen is available in India through the website.

The company has a portfolio of solar products, including solar energy heaters, solar energy filtrations, solar power accessories, solar water filters and solar power appliances.

As part of the project, Solarium will be launching a range with a range-topping sunscreen in India in the coming weeks.

Thapars Solarium team said that solarium products will be available to customers in India for a one-time $75 price reduction.

India is the largest solar energy market in the world, with the country set to overtake China as the biggest solar energy consumer in the country in 2020.

India accounts for almost half of the solar panels installed in the planet, and nearly half of all energy generated in India comes from renewable sources.

The country is also known for its low cost of living.

Solariacare is an Indian online shopping site that allows customers to buy solar products and solar products in bulk, and Solariac is the only place where customers can buy solar energy.