Solarium, a French restaurant chain that is based in Switzerland, is opening its first new restaurant in the small town of Bernouoli, which is on the banks of the River Alp in northern France.

The restaurant, called the Bernouilli Solarium (pronounced ‘bernoo’), is set to open later this year and features a bar, bar and grill as well as an indoor pool and spa.

Solarium was founded by Bernouiliis father and namesake, Luca Bernoui.

The brand was originally sold to the family of the late French food icon, Jean-Michel, but the company’s popularity in Europe and in France helped it grow rapidly.

The company has been serving up a number of French dishes, including the ‘champagne’ and the ‘mignonette’, a combination of pork belly and pork with ricotta, on their menu.

Solaria also offers its own cuisine, such as the ‘cheesesteak’ and ‘creme au chocolat’, and offers a range of wine and spirits.

It opened in Bernoylli in 2013 and has a presence in Switzerland and elsewhere.

The restaurant has also expanded in recent years to serve dishes such as fish and chips, salads, burgers and sandwiches, and even a bakery.

The brand has been selling to local restaurants and cafes across the country since 2015.

It is currently open in the Bernoyoli Shopping Mall, located just two blocks away from the new Solarium restaurant.

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