solarium is an app developed by solarium, the makers of the popular solarium machines, that allows users to turn their phone into a solarium machine, which can be used to power almost anything, from smartphones to solar power stations.

Solarium was launched in June 2017, and the company has since launched two other solarium products, which it sells under the brand name “Solarium Pro”.

The company has already made some of its biggest splash when it released the “Queen’s New Year” kit, which was launched with the Queen in March 2018.

Solarium’s kit costs $5.50, and comes with a phone case and a solararium (a metal device that emits a magnetic field) that converts sunlight into electricity.

Its most notable feature is its ability to convert the sun’s energy into electricity, which is used to charge your phone.

Solarium also sells its “Solar-Ready” solarium device for about $8.50.

The Solarium Pro is more affordable at $5 each, and it has a built-in battery for a whopping 80 hours of power, which makes it an excellent option for those who want to charge their phones at home, or who are looking for a little more power.

A Solarium kit costs about $5 at Solariums official website.

As for the Queen, her Solarium machine has the same capabilities as a solar powered device, but is a little less efficient.

It has a solar panel inside, but it’s not able to produce enough electricity to power the phone, so it only uses about 3 percent of the power produced by the solar panel.

If you need to charge the phone more, you can charge it using a USB port, or a micro USB port.

The solarium phone is available for purchase on Amazon.

Like any smartphone, you’ll need to be able to download the Solarium app from the Google Play Store and use it to control your device, such as to charge it or to check the status of your solarium power supply.

Solarius also sells a similar solarium-powered phone called the “Solarius”, which it has launched in October 2017, priced at $14.95.

The Solarius is an all-in-one solarium smartphone that can be easily converted into a standard solarium battery.

The Solarium smartphone has a 6.5-inch screen, a 5.5 megapixel camera, an 8-megapixel camera on the back, a dual-SIM version, and supports both Qi and NFC for cellular calls and text messaging.

While there are a number of solarium devices available on the market, it’s worth noting that Solarium doesn’t support a full range of solar technologies.

Solaris technology is a combination of photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar cells.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Solarium said it had already started working on a range of modules to support different energy sources, including the solar-powered solarium modules that have been seen in the video above.