Solarium has been the go-to solar-energy-storage device for some years, and the company is poised to make another big step with the release of its newest product: the Sunshade solarium solarizer.

The Sunshades Solarium solariser can take a load of the sun’s energy and use it to power your home or office.

But the Sun Shades Solaris are more than just a solarizer: they can also help you recharge your cell phone battery and power your electronics.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite solar-powered gadgets.

First up: the solarium Sunshading Solarium Solarizer Solarium’s newest solarizer, the SunShade solarizer is available in three different sizes, ranging from 4 to 12 watts.

You can purchase this solarizer online for about $150.

The sunshade is a solar device that can charge your device using the sun.

To recharge the device, you just connect it to your battery, and it’ll work like any other solar charger.

When your device needs to charge, it charges in just a few minutes.

The solarium is a more compact version of the Sunshield, and comes with a removable case.

The case comes with six solar cells, which can be stacked to form the Sunscreen.

The company says the SunScreen will provide up to 10 hours of power per year.

The device is built to withstand the harshest solar environments.

The manufacturer says it has been working on this design since 2014, and is already selling to customers in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and India.

It has a solar panel that can be embedded into your glass, or you can cover the whole solarium with a protective film that covers the entire device.

Solarium says the SolarShades solarizer can work with any solar-based device, from solar-equipped phones to solar-enabled laptops to solar power meters.

If you’re in the market for a solar-charged phone or tablet, we’d recommend the Sunscreens SolarShade and Sunscreen Solar.

Solaris newest solarizers, the Solar Shade and the Solar Screen, are designed to be portable.

If your device is large enough, you can carry a few of them in your pocket.

You won’t need to worry about it breaking.

And, unlike some other solar chargers, the solar shade and solar screen won’t have a charging cap that needs to be removed.

But there are some limitations.

The Solar Shades and Solar Screen are not compatible with all of the latest solar cell technologies, like the new lithium ion battery, lithium polymer batteries, and nickel metal hydride batteries.

And you’ll have to install the solar cells yourself to work with the new battery types.

If this isn’t a solar product for you, the company’s solarizer will do the trick.

If it does work with your phone, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right battery and charger.

For the price, Solarium is well worth it.

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The newest solar technology Solarium recently announced that it will be launching its Solar Shaders Solar Shading solarizer in the U.S. later this year.

This is a bigger version of Solar Shaded, the first solarizer that Solarium launched in the European Union.

The new Solar Shader solarizer weighs about 3.6 pounds and is 5 feet long.

It measures 6.2 inches across the bottom and 3.7 inches high.

It comes with an integrated lithium battery that can handle up to 400 hours of charging.

It’s also got an integrated solar panel with an embedded solar cell.

The battery is made of high-grade silicon and can provide up the amount of energy needed by the solarizer to recharge your device.

You’ll have two ways to power the solar Shader: either by using solar energy to charge the device itself, or by using your phone to charge it.

If the device’s battery runs out, the system will automatically charge up the device.

And since the device has a built-in battery charger, you don’t have to plug in a new charger when you charge it again.

Solar Shimmers Solaris latest solarizer and solar panel, the Shades, is designed to provide up as much energy as a full-size, 5-gallon container of water.

This solar panel is built into the solaris solarizer’s case.

But since it is made from high-quality silicon, the device is able to power itself by using the energy from the sun, and use this energy to power its own battery.

Solarshades has a price tag of $5,000.

The Shades are also compatible with the newly released Li-ion battery, which is expected to go on sale in the coming months.

The Li-i battery is the first battery to be able to store solar energy and produce usable power for the