Dublin, Ireland (AP) A solarium plant in Dublin, Dublin’s largest city, is proving the best in the world.

Dublin solar has been generating power for nearly a decade.

The plant is located in the heart of the city, near a busy pedestrian and cycling lane, and it was built with solar panels on the roof.

Dublins largest energy provider has been testing its solarium technology for the last four years and is now on track to become the world’s largest solarium producer.

Dubliners biggest utility company Eir has said it plans to build another solarium project in the city and has been awarded the right to operate the plant.

Dubland’s solarium will produce about 15% of its power, and Eir says it has received more than 30,000 applications for the project.

Dubois Energy’s chief executive, Michael Duffy, said the plant was “very important for the future of the Irish solar industry.”

Dublin is a solar power hub, with a total of 5,000 solar projects in operation.

Dubs largest solar energy provider Eir, which has a 20% stake in the solarium operation, is set to become Ireland’s largest renewable energy provider, according to its chief executive.

Dubris Renewable Energy (DRE) said the solar plant was part of the €500 million investment by the company to upgrade and modernize the energy grid and make it more efficient.

Dubneys largest renewable company, Energy Ireland, said solarium power would add about 20 megawatts to the island’s energy grid by 2025, and would help meet its 2030 renewable energy target.

Dubron is the only city in the UK to have a solarium-based energy grid, according a spokesman for the company.