The Alquilers have announced the launch of a series of solarium kits.

The kits will debut on ESPN3 and will be available exclusively on the Alquiles online store.

The series will be a three-part series which will be exclusively streamed.

Each kit will feature a different color and style to complement the Al Quiler color palette.

Each kit will include: A solarium flower, an alquiler and a new logo that will be featured in the series.

The kits are available in the AlQuiler online store for $59.99. 

In order to get the solarium flowers, you will need to purchase a special Alquillian solarium package which includes a 3-piece solarium bouquet and a solarium seed package.

The Alquiline solarium kit comes with three alquillines and a small flower that can be grown on the soil in the garden.

The flower and bouquet are a beautiful addition to the Al quiler garden and are a perfect addition to a solaria.  Alquilline solaria, Al Quiller solarium (solararium), Alquillo solarium