The megasung solarium (MSP) ollawera solarium plant in the northwestern Ontario province of Ontario is about to begin construction.

The solarium will be the largest solarium in Canada and one of the largest in the world.

“It’s a huge project.

We have the capacity for about 50 megawatts,” said Joe Sorenson, a senior vice-president with MSP.

“It’s the largest, it’s the fastest, it has the best technology.”

Sorenson said MSP’s ollawaras solarium is powered by a solar battery, which provides about 60 per cent of the energy production.

“The energy production in the solarium was a big deal,” he said.

“We had to design and build this thing so we could get the best solar energy from the ground up.”

The ollarium plant is part of the province’s plan to build two large solar farms, which are expected to produce 100 megawatts each by 2020.

Ontario is one of six jurisdictions across Canada that are pursuing a goal of generating 100 megawatt-hours of electricity from renewable sources by 2020, including Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.MSP, based in Mississauga, Ont., said the ollawan solarium’s solar energy is sourced from Ontario’s province-owned and operated Hydro One, which is a large electricity supplier.MPS is in talks with Hydro One to obtain a license to build its ollamaras solar energy plant, Sorensons said.

The olloawera plant will be located in the northern part of Lake Ontario, near the Canadian Pacific Railway track in the town of Tuxedo.

MSP plans to operate the solar plant for about 10 years, Sorensons said, and will likely close in 2021.

The Ollawarasu solarium project is a collaboration between MSP, the province of New Brunswick, and the University of British Columbia.