Solarium is a cheap way to power your home, and there’s a new way to get one for free.

Dublin Solarium has launched a crowdfunding campaign, raising more than $10,000 of its $200,000 goal in just five days.

Dublins solarium is an affordable way to charge your home without breaking the bank.

Dubles solarium features a built-in power inverter, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a 100W solar power source that you plug into the wall outlet.

Dublines solarium includes a 5-year warranty, plus a $1,000 rebate if you buy a system that doesn’t work.

Dublets solarium, a solar powered home, is available at Solariums home depot in Dublin.

The solarium can be bought for about $200 with a 10-year service and is backed by an extended warranty.

The solarium works by charging an electric car battery or solar power inverteer at the solarium outlet.

The energy is stored in the inverter until you need it, and when you need to use it, the energy is released into the grid.

The home’s energy efficiency is rated at 0.85 kWh/kWh, so the solar energy is used to power the system.

Dubels solarium will be available to anyone, no matter their household size, from December 11.

Dubers solarium has been available in Dublin since January.

You can read more about the solar power solarium here