Jeddah: Solarium is the latest company to get in on the solarium craze.

The company, which has been building its reputation in the country as a producer of solar energy and solar panel components, announced plans to launch its solarium products in Saudi on Tuesday.

Solarium, based in Switzerland, has been selling solarium-based products for the last three years.

The Swiss company started making its products at its headquarters in the city of Dijon, in southern France, where it also operates a solar energy project.

Solaris Solarium products include solar energy panel parts, solar power equipment, solar panels and solar cell modules.

It also offers a range of solar-powered products, including solar-based clothing, solar-tinted glass, solar cell accessories and solar-solar lighting.

Solarium, which is based in Dijons headquarters, has about 80 employees.

The solarium industry is in the midst of a boom in recent years, as solar energy has become a more viable option for powering homes, businesses and transportation.

The industry has also grown as solar panels have become cheaper, making it easier for consumers to install solar energy on their roofs.

But solar energy prices have skyrocketed in recent months, especially for the large companies.