India is set to give the first solar project to the endangered giant penguin.

The country’s largest colony of penguins, at Sundarbans in southern India, will be given a 50-megawatt solar farm to help them adapt to a harsh climate, Environment Minister Anil Singh told reporters here.

The government has invested $5 million in the project.

“We will provide solar energy to the penguins to give them a boost and also to reduce their consumption,” Singh said.

He said the project would help the penguin population grow by 100 to 200 penguins per year. 

India has more than 100,000 penguins in captivity and around 100,00 in the wild, mostly in the Sundarbanas region of south-east India. 

Penguins are the largest mammals on the planet and the world’s smallest land animal.

They are considered endangered by conservationists because of habitat loss and habitat degradation.

They are found only in the eastern parts of India, but are widely dispersed across the globe.