Solarium is a solar energy platform which offers investors the chance to invest in renewable energy projects.

The platform uses a series of proprietary blockchain technology to distribute a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for solar panels and energy, allowing investors to receive the full returns of a solar project, without any risk.

Solarium, an Australian solar energy venture that started in 2013 and raised $1.8 million, has been designed to offer investors the opportunity to invest directly in solar energy projects, and has been used in a number of locations around the world, including the U.K. and Germany.

The platform is a decentralized platform, and the company will use its blockchain to track the number of projects it invests in, according to Solarium CEO and CEO, Mark Tovey.

The company has been able to provide its investors with the opportunity for a more rewarding return on investment, according Tovee, as it is able to track every project it invests, regardless of whether they’re a solar or a battery-based project.

Solarion is a platform which has been creating renewable energy since 2012, and since that time has invested in a total of over 700 renewable energy startups, according a statement from the company. 

Solarion has been investing in renewable projects in the U, UK, China, India, South Africa and Japan, according the statement.

Solariton is one of the largest players in the solar energy space in Australia, according Solarion.

Solarion was founded by David Tovet and is backed by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, and was launched in 2018.

Tovey says Solarion is focused on providing investors with more exposure to the solar industry, while offering them a range of opportunities.

“With Solarion, investors can get the chance for a better return on their investment and gain more control over the investments they choose to make,” Toveyt said.

We’re focused on bringing more value to investors, and have an active community that’s already invested in Solarion for a number years,” Tavey added. 

Investors can receive up to 75% of the returns of any solar energy project in Australia.

Solariance is one the biggest solar energy platforms in Australia with a total number of investments in over 600 projects, according its website.

Solarion’s website states that the platform’s investment portfolio has generated over $1 billion in total investments.