Warszawas Centrum has taken over the former Solarium Arena on the Łódź metro station, where the two clubs met for the first time in April.

The venue is the first in Poland to host an event featuring the two top-tier sides.

The former Solaria Arena hosted the European Super Cup in April 2016.

Solarium has already secured its place in the Europa League in 2018.

The last time the two sides met in the top flight was in 2012, when they met at the Arena Łombra.

The first game of the last round saw Solarium dominate, while Gazebo secured a point.

The stadium was completely renovated in January 2018, and the new roof and concession stands have helped Solarium achieve their objective of qualifying for the Europa league in 2018 and securing a place in Europe’s top division.

The stadium will host another meeting between Solarium and Gazebiński’s St. Louis on Thursday, June 11.