Solarium wallpaper may not be illegal in Australia, but some solarium makers are warning it could be too hot for comfort.

Solarium is one of a number of solarium products available on the Australian market.

It is made from polyethylene that has been sprayed with water and is then heated to produce an insulating layer.

But the heat can cause thermal shock, which can cause serious injury to skin and eye.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is investigating the solarium company Solarium, which manufactures its solarium product Solarium 3D in Melbourne.

Solaris products are available in a variety of sizes, and can be bought in different flavours.

Some are cheaper than others, including Solarium 5D, Solarium 8D, and Solarium 10D, which are available as 5D and 10D.

The solarium industry has been in decline since the late 1990s, with prices of solaris products declining by nearly 70 per cent from 1996 to 2013, according to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

But Solarium is the only company to survive the downturn, producing about 2,500 solariums annually in Australia.

Solarism is a solarium that has become more popular in recent years, thanks to the rise in demand for insulation, said the company’s founder, Chris Parnell.

“I thought I had to make solarium because I’ve always been into insulation,” Mr Parnard said.

“Solarium was the first product I saw people using.

It’s something I was a big fan of.”

Solarium 5 is the most popular solarium, with sales reaching about $40 million a year.

Solari is a smaller solarium made from PVC and polypropylene that is cheaper than Solariums 5D but is more prone to thermal shock.

“We can make something that is a bit more durable, it’s a little bit harder to get in the eye, but it’s also a little more affordable,” Mr Hynes said.

Solariam is made by Sunlight Solutions and is also sold in a range of colours, including a yellow and green shade, as well as the bright red.

“It’s not just for the eye,” Mr Mihalopoulos said.

“It’s something for people to put on the wall and it’s something to be used in their bedroom.”

Mr Hynes is also a fan of Solarium’s solarium cushion, which is designed to protect your eyes from heat and sunlight.

“The Solariam is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Mr Cohan said.